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SEMO Credit Solutions was founded by Ben Bradley after working in the Auto sales and finance business for over 18 years. He also had several other businesses he had owned over the years, but the last few failed and he in turn to major blows to his credit and financial life. How he recovered is where our story begins. After Ben's credit score dropped over 200 points he knew he had to find a way to fix his credit and begin looking into different credit repair firms. He completed his research and signed up with a national firm and let them do their thing. Following the system they had in place he felt they would fix him right up in no time at all. Well he was wrong. His credit did increase over that year but was disappointed because there was only a 30 point increase that he had spent a lot of money on. After a break from using a credit repair service he tried a different company which gave him similar results. Frustrated he went online to research how to repair credit. Ben was convinced that if he could learn how to repair credit and how the credit system truly worked it would not just benefit his credit but it would also make him even better at his job. Well after reading several books, completing multiple financial improvement programs, he figured out what he had not done in conjunction with the credit repair services and what they simply did not offer. So while he began to repair his credit himself he also put credit building tools in place and worked with a financial counselor. He discover that to truly recover from bad credit you have to plan, fix, and rebuild in a specific way that will build a stronger foundation. This is why Ben returned to school and completed his Board certifications in Credit Repair, Credit Score Consulting, and Financial Counseling. He also help friends and coworkers with their credit at the same time  and they are now also part of the SEMO team. That June Ben decide he was ready to make the move and make SEMO Credit Solutions a Full Time career and leave the car biz. Since then SEMO has help many Restore and Rebuild their Financial and Credit Life. 

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